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Store is Charging Regular Rates for USPS at Checkout

  • Issue: The order is being charged for regular USPS rates, but the rates are higher than what my Label Manager shows through Endicia.

  • Cause: Shift4Shop's real-time integration for USPS uses retail rates rather than online rates.

Shift4Shop's connection to USPS for real-time calculation is based on USPS' API, which returns regular retail rates. However, if you are using Shift4Shop's DYMO|Endicia integration (or another USPS label making program), your labels may be receiving USPS' online rates.

This means that - although the customer paid you $x.xx amount of dollars for the shipping, your label for the actual shipment only costs $y.yy amount of dollars and is lower than what they paid.

This is normal because Shift4Shop's connection to USPS for real-time shipping calculation is based on Retail rates rather than Online rates.

If you would like to offer a discount on the USPS shipping rates in order to more closely match USPS' online rates, you can apply negative markups to your USPS shipping methods as desired.