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Why is '' Showing Up in the Search Engines for my Store URL?
Search is Showing Up in Search Engines for My Store URL

If you have switched the DNS of your domain to the Shift4Shop servers to Go Live, yet the "*" still displays in the URL for search engine results (Google, Yahoo Search, etc.), you will need to take a look at a few of your settings.

If the link looks like, most likely, you have content on your web pages that references the .s4shops URL. Such content would be hyperlinks or images with * in the path name.

If the link looks like this,, most likely, you are on a shared SSL with Shift4Shop, and your checkout pages have the * in the domain name.

For both cases, the Search engines have spidered your webpages with the * in either your page content or the secure URL. This is why it is displayed in the search results.

You will need to remove any references to * in your design, and the search engines will eventually drop these pages. Therefore, you can view the source of your pages to check the path you have entered for your hyperlinks and images. Make sure to reference '' rather than ''

To remove the '' from your secure URL, you will need to have a dedicated SSL. This can be done from Shift4Shop. Contact our support team at 800.828.6650 ext. 3 to learn more.

Additionally, you can go to and download the XENU Link Checker.  This software is free and will show you which pages reference the * URL in your content so you can then remove it from your pages.

Once you remove all references to '' from your site, the links will disappear from the search engines when they respider your site.  Unfortunately, Shift4Shop has no control over this, so it may take up to a few weeks.