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Why am I Getting a "Checking your browser before accessing" Message on my Store?

"Checking your browser before accessing" Message on My Store

Occasionally, you or a visitor to your site may see this message when attempting to go to the site.

Typically, this message occurs when a specific user's connection is being diverted by the DDoS Protection services we employ.

If/when this occurs, please collect the following details and contact Shift4Shop support so we may have the server administrators fix this for you.

  • Your connection's IP address
    Go to to copy both your IPv4 and IPv6 IPs
    (Or ask your affected visitor to do so if they are able to)

  • The URL of your store where the message appeared
    Typically, it will be the store's homepage, but if it happens on a specific page, that would be useful information as well.

  • The connection's Country of Origin
    This is specifically for when the issue is happening to your visitor.

When you gather this information, please call or open a ticket with support so we may get this to the server administrators and make adjustments.