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What does the "Allow Address Type Selection" Setting Under Shipping Settings Do?

"Allow Address Type Selection" Setting

In your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, you will find a series of Shipping Settings that can be found by going to Settings > Shipping and then clicking on the Enter Settings button under the "Carrier Settings" section.

Once there, click on the + Icon next to "Shipping Settings to reveal a series of checkboxes. Within this area, you will see a checkbox titled "Auto Select Shipping."

In a previous guide located here, we describe how you can set the store software to always return Residential Rates for real time shipping calculation on UPS and FedEx. Since residential rates tend to be more expensive than commercial rates, the setting described in the previous guide allows you to force residential rate quotes each and every time to minimize out of pocket expenses.

The "Allow Adress Type Selection" function detailed here will work along a similar vein. However, in this case, you will give your shoppers the option of selecting their delivery address type.

One thing to keep in mind on this setting is that the selection cannot be changed when printing labels from your Shift4Shop store. As previously mentioned, commercial rates tend to be less expensive than residential rates. So, if a commercial rate is paid for a residential address on your Shift4Shop order, there's always a slight chance that (at the time of shipping) you may need to pay the difference out of pocket. Therefore, you ideally should only use this setting if/when your business ships more often to commercial addresses than residential.