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Global Variables For the Email Templates

Global Variables

First, let's go over the global variables. These are variables that will work on any email template and insert information specific to your store. These are:

Global Variables

  • [store_url]

  • [invoicelogo]

  • [store_name]

  • [address1]

  • [address2]

  • [city]

  • [email]

  • [state]

  • [zip]

  • [phone1]

  • [phone2]

  • [fax]

If your store does not have information present for a particular variable - i.e. [address2], which is for the store's address line 2 - the variable will simply insert a blank.

<!--START: invoicelogo->
<!--END: invoicelogo->

Individual Email Templates

In the next articles, we'll have a look at the individual email templates and list the dynamic variables used in each. Remember, when editing your email templates, be sure to preserve any commented-out tags that may be present to preserve their respective code block functions.