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Scheduled Scripts

When you go to the Modules section of the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, you will see a module named "Scheduled Scripts."

Scheduled Scripts are used for various automated functions originating from your store. These include any scheduled action that the store can potentially run in the background including:

Within the Scheduled Scripts module, you'll have the option of reviewing scripts that are enabled (or disabled) as well as when the script last ran.

More importantly, you have the option of editing the script by clicking on its Edit button.

Editing Scheduled Scripts

When you click on the edit action for a script, you will see the following information and settings:

  • Script Name
    The name of the script (cannot be edited)

  • Frequency
    The frequency at which the script is scheduled to run. (cannot be edited)

  • Next Run
    The next scheduled time that the script will run

  • Last Run
    The last time the script ran

  • Enabled
    This checkbox will let you disable the script so that it doesn't run anymore.

  • Send Email
    Use this checkbox to send out an email log each time the script runs. This can be helpful in determining any possible errors or problems that may prevent the script's actions from occurring.

  • Email Recipient(s)
    When sending an email with the above setting, use this field to specify which email the log will be sent to. If multiple emails are needed, separate each address with a comma (no space).

When you have configured your available settings, click Save at the top of the page to set the updated configurations.