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Easy Way to Create My Own Custom Form

Creating online forms can be difficult for some merchants due to the amount of HTML coding needed to get the form to function correctly.

Fortunately, by using Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs) you now have a way that allows you to easily create a form and embed it directly onto your page(s) as needed.

The following information will show you how to do this.

Step 1 - Create your form

To begin creating your form, log into your Google Drive account by going to

Once you're logged into your Google Drive account you should see a "Create" button located at the far left of the page.

  1. Click the Create button followed by the "Form" link.

  2. Once you've created your form, save it.

We will now use Google Drive's option to embed the form into a page on your site.

Step 2 - Let's embed the form

  1. After saving your Google Drive form, click on the More Actions button at the top of the Google Drive page.

  2. Next select Embed.

Google Drive will now generate an iframe code for you to add to your site.

3. Copy this code and proceed to the next steps.

4. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

5. Go to Content > Site Content.

6. Add either a Menu Link or Extra Page as needed*.

7. Click the Content button for your newly created Site Content page and add the Google Drive iframe to its content section.

8. Save your page.

Your Google Drive form is now part of your site. All submitted data will be stored and retrieved directly from your Google Drive account.