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Use Unsplash For My Site Images

Beginning with version 12.0.10, Shift4Shop merchants can access free stock images from Unsplash from the Homepage Carousel as well as the store's File Manager. The integration allows you to search for images and download them from Unsplash directly to your store. As the images are downloaded, the system will download two versions of the image - a small (400px) and large (1080px) version of the image for use in the store. The following steps will show you how to access and use the Unsplash integration.

Home Page Carousel

A great place to use the Unsplash images is your store's Homepage Carousel.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Modules.

  3. Then, use the search bar at the top and search for "Homepage Carousel" to view the Module options.

  4. Click on Settings to begin adding and specifying your slider images.

While looking at the Homepage Carousel, determine which slider image you'd like to add as an Unsplash image. For example, 1st image.

5. Click on the slider image's Browse button.

Your image selector will slide out from the right side of the screen. At the top of the selector, you will see two links:

  • File Manager

  • Free Photos

Select "Free Photos" to search Unsplash's database of free stock photos.

6. Enter a search term in the search bar.

7. Then click on the Search button.

The system will display a collection of free images that match your search term. At the bottom of the list you will see a button labeled "Load more" if you'd like to see even more collections that match your search term.

8. Click on your desired image to have it added to your slider.

9. Repeat for any other slider images you'd like to update.

10. Click Save at the top right of the page once you're done.

File Manager

You can also access the Unsplash module from the Online Store Manager's File manager section.

From anywhere in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

  1. Click on your user name at the top right of the screen.

  2. Select File Manager from the drop-down menu.

Along the top right of the file manager screen, you will see a button labeled "Free Photos."

3. Click on the Free Photos button.

4. Enter a search word or phrase for images and click on the Search button.

5. Click on an image to download it to the File Manager.

When you click on the desired photo, you will briefly see a circular load icon on the image to indicate it is being downloaded. Once it's done, both versions of the image (large and small) will be found in the File Manager's Unsplash folder.