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Use the RSS Reader Option

The RSS Reader feature allows you to add targeted content from any RSS feed like Yahoo News, Google News, MSN News, etc. Content is updated in real-time and displayed as part of your site. RSS feeds properly used as content and relevant to your website are safe with search engines and great for your visitors.

To use this feature, log in to your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and:

  1. Go to Content > Site Content.

  2. Click on +Add under either "Menu Links" or under "Extra Page."

3. Type your desired page name in the "Page Name" field.

4. Choose a parent page if you'd like by using the drop-down submenu.

5. Add a sorting value to the sorting field. The higher the number, the farther it will display.

6. Check the Hide box if you'd like the link to be hidden.

7. Click +Add along the bottom right of the section to add the page.

Once the page is added to your list, you will need to edit it further to reference the RSS feed that you'd like to use.

8. Look to the far right of the Site Content page listing and click the Action > Content button.

9. Using the URL of the RSS feed you'd like to use, copy and paste it into the "Link" field at the very top.

10. Next, go down to the "Target" section and select "RSS Reader" from the dropdown list,

11. Click Save at the top right.

Now, when you access this page on the storefront, you will see the RSS Feed that you entered into the field. The RSS feed will inherit your site's general look and feel.