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Use the Price Editor Feature

Shift4Shop's Price Editor allows you to modify the cost, price, retail price, sale price, and price levels for multiple products, all at the same time! Furthermore, it allows you to filter your products by category, distributor, and/or manufacturer.

To view and use the Price Editor, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products > Product List.

  2. Look towards the top right of the page and click on the Actions button and select Price Editor.

  3. Enter a keyword or phrase to list several of your products at once, or click Advanced to select the Category, Distributor, and/or Manufacturer as your filters for the products you would like to change the price.

  4. Set your functions to modify the price and click Preview to see what the new price would be. Click Apply if you approve the price change.

Here's a brief explanation of how setting the functions works:

It helps to think of these in terms of a mathematical equation with a set of variables. The first drop-down box will be the variable you want to change AFTER the "equation" is completed

For example variable n (will eventually) equal "a plus [b times c]."

Here are some specific examples:

If the Cost of your products from a specific manufacturer goes up 10%
Set: Cost = Cost + [.10 * Cost]

If the Price of your products increases by $1.00
Set: Price = Price + [1 * 1]

If the Price of your products is the Retail Price minus 20%
Set: Price = Retail - [.20 * Retail]

If the Sale Price of the product is the Price minus $10.00
Set: Sale = Price - [10 * 1]