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Use the "outofstock_block" Feature

The "outofstock_block" feature is intended to allow merchants to automatically display a robust and HTML-rich message to their shoppers when the item's stock level reaches 0. 

To use this new outofstock_block feature, you will need to add the following code to your specific HTML listing template(s):

<!--START: outofstock_block->
<!--END: outofstock_block->

The placement of the code block will depend on your own specific needs, but the overall effect will allow you to add whole sections of HTML coding and/or scripting (i.e., javascript, jquery, images, or plain text) to the listing page which will dynamically insert only when the item's stock reaches zero.

As an example, we've added the following code to one of our listing pages:

<!--START: outofstock_block->
<td align="center">
<div style="align: center; background-color: yellow; color: red;">
<strong>We're Sorry.<p>This item is currently out of stock, but we ARE STILL accepting back orders for it.<p>Thank you for your patronage!</strong>
<!--END: outofstock_block->

The overall effect is that - when the item's stock reaches zero - not only will the custom availability message apply to the product, but also a larger section of HTML will render telling shoppers of the product's availability. (see image)