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Use the Mixed Pack Option Type

The Mixed Pack option type allows merchants to offer a mixed pack of item options so their customers can select multiple styles of a product and order them as a single case or package.

The following steps will show you how to set up the Mixed Pack Option Type

  1. Set up or edit an existing product (If you need instructions on creating or editing products, please click here).

  2. Go into the Options tab on the product.

  3. Click on the Add New button to add a new option set.

  4. Under the "Option Name" field, add a name for your options.
    (i.e. Mix and Match, Mixed Pack, etc)

  5. Using the "Type" drop-down menu, select Mixed Pack.

  6. (optional) Add an option URL or additional information if desired.

To Continue:

7. In the Minimum and Maximum Fields, enter the minimum and maximum range for the number of items the bundle will hold*.
(Note that minimum is not required and may be left at 0, but the maximum field will require an amount entered.)

*For example, if you are offering the shopper the ability to order a case of 100 units (and a minimum of 50 units) with selectable variations, set the minimum to 50 and the maximum value to 100.

The store will then calculate their selected variation quantities and ensure they do not fall out of the minimum/maximum range.

8. Under Option Values, enter each variant separated by a comma.

9. Once you've completed these initial steps, click the Add button to continue.

Fine Tuning Your Variations

The previous steps took you through creating the options set and variants. Once added, you can further edit the variations to include pricing for each selectable option.

While viewing the Options, you will see the following fields on each:

  • Description
    The name of the option/variant

  • Part #
    If your product line has distinct part numbers for each variant, enter those in this field.

  • Value
    This will be the price markup the option will incur on the product. It will then be multiplied by the quantity of the option and used for the final calculation.

  • Sorting
    This field will let you sort the display order of the options. The higher the number, the farther on the list it will appear.

  • Hide
    Mark this checkbox to hide individual options from the list if necessary

  • Default
    This function is not used on the Mixed Pack Option type.

At the far end of each option, the action wheel will let you delete the option as needed.

10. Once you've fine-tuned the options, click Save at the top right to finish the setup.

As customers view the product, they will see its Mixed Pack options displayed with a numerical input field. They can enter their desired quantities into each field (As long as they stay within the min/max ranges) and check out with their combination pack.