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Use The In Store Pickup Module

Shift4Shop's In-store Pickup module (Available on Pro Store plans and higher, including the Free End-to-End eCommerce Plan) will allow you to specify pickup locations for your store and assign products that will be available for pickup in the locations.

When a customer purchases items that are made available for pickup, they will be able to select the pickup option during checkout and the location they will pick up the order from. This order then uses the selected pickup location as its Shipping Information and calculates tax accordingly to that location.

The following will show you how to set up and use the module.

Enabling the Module

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Modules.

  3. On the Modules page, use the search bar at the top to search for "In-store Pickup" and locate the module.

  4. Place a mark in the Enabled checkbox and click on the Save button at the top right.

The module will be enabled on the store. Next, you will create your pickup locations.

Setting up the Pickup Locations

5. With the module still in view, click on its Settings button.

6. Click on the Add Location button to add a location.

7. Specify a name for the location. This name will appear to the customer in the pickup selection area.

8. Click Save to proceed.

After clicking Save, you will see an area where you can specify the pickup location's information. By default, the store will insert your Merchant Information (from store settings) into the fields, but you may edit these to meet your needs. Note that the email address used in this area will be used to email order details when there's an incoming order coming from that location.

9. Edit the Location Information details to match your in-store pickup location.

10. In the Pickup Instructions area, specify the pickup location's available hours and any instructions/details you wish to provide for the customer.

11. After you've entered the pickup location details, click Save to finish adding the location.

12. Click the Back button and repeat these steps for each location you'd like to add to the store.

Your next steps will be to make products available for In-store Pickup.

Making Products Available for In-store Pickup

After enabling the module and specifying your location details, you can make products available for in-store pickup by following these steps:

13. While logged into the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

14. Go to Products > Product List.

15. Locate the product you'd like to edit and click on its thumbnail image or name to open it up.

16. Next, go to the product's "Advanced" tab.

In the Advanced Tab, scroll down to the "In-store Pickup" area and click on it to expand its view.

17. Select the pickup options you'd like to make available on the product.

Your options for in-store pickup on the items are as follows:

  • No Pickup Available (default setting)
    The product will not be made available for any pickup options.

  • Available for in-store pickup
    The product will have options available for pickup as well as regular shipping/delivery options.

  • In-store pickup only
    The product will only be available for pickup.

  1. Click "Save" at the top right to complete the setup on the product.

  2. Repeat these steps for any other products you'd like to specify pickup options for.

CSV Export/Import

A new CSV column heading has been made available for the product import and export CSV file to facilitate assigning products to in-store pickup options.

The column header is labeled in_store_pickup, and it will use the following values for in-store pickup designation:

  • No Pickup Available: Use 1 as the value

  • Available for in-store pickup: Use 2 as the value

  • In-store pickup only: Use 3 as the value

If you export your product CSV file using ALL fields, this new column header will be located at the end of the columns. You can also add it to your CSV import file as needed.

What Your Customers Will See

Products marked for In-store pickup options will display a label on the product page (as well as the QuickView popup) indicating the pickup option made available on the item.

The wording used for these labels can be edited in the Store Language section:

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-only
    (Default label: In-store pickup only)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-available
    (Default label: In-store pickup)

During checkout, products marked with In-store Pickup options will be shown with a section where the customer can select your available In-store pickup locations.

  • If the products are marked In-store pickup available, the customer will be able able to select In-store pickup locations or delivery/shipping options.

  • If the products are marked In-store pickup only, the customer will only be able to select In-store pickup locations.
    No delivery/shipping options will be shown.

When the customer clicks on "Display Locations" in the Pickup section, they will see your available in-store pickup locations created during steps 6 through 11 (shown above). The store location, hours of operation, and pickup instructions specified for each location will be shown to the customer in this section as well.

The following Store Language labels are used for the wording found on these:

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-header
    (Default label: In-Store Pickup)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-display-locations
    (Default label: Display Locations)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-instruction
    (Default label: Pickup Instructions)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-mon-fri
    (Default label: Monday to Friday)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-saturday
    (Default label: Saturday)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-sunday
    (Default label: Sunday)

  • Store Language Label: in-store-pickup-closed
    (Default label: CLOSED)

When an in-store pickup location is selected, the store will copy that location's address as the order "Shipping Information," and shipping costs will be removed. Furthermore, tax (if applicable) will be calculated based on the pickup location's address rather than the customer's billing address.

When the order is placed, the customer will receive the usual New Order email. An update has been made available to the email template to also include the pickup location details if applicable to the order.

The email address specified for the pickup location will also receive a copy of this order notification. If no email address is specified in the In-Store Pickup Location settings, then no action is taken. Your customer will still receive their email notifications, but the pickup location will not.