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Use the Core Theme Editor

Several of the Core powered themes have access to a new form of theme editor that allows you to make basic color and typography changes to theme elements. As you select the coloring on the editor, the preview will interactively update to illustrate your selection. After you save your changes, they'll be live!

Once you've installed your Core theme, proceed with the following steps to access the new Theme Editor.

Using the left navigation menu of the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

  1. Go to Settings > Design > Themes & Styles.

  2. Click on the Customize Theme button listed with your installed Core theme.

A new browser tab will open up showing your store's Home Page. Along the left side of the window, you will see the Core theme's customization options. These are listed with the following headings:

  • Theme Presets
    A drop-down list of pre-designed variations to the theme's color scheme. You can select the default version, one of the pre-built versions or "Custom" to create your own!

  • Header
    This section will allow you to enter (or select from the color picker) a color for the theme's header styles. For example, the header's background color or the color of the text used within the header.

  • Text & Buttons
    This section will allow you to change color for various elements of the site's overall function and navigation. For example, page headings, body text, and button colors.

  • Typography
    This portion of the editor will let you set the typography of the theme, including the base font size and the base font size for the page headings.

  • Products
    This section lets you change coloring for product specific elements such as the "On Sale" text color and review stars coloring.

  • Footer
    This area will let you change coloring found on the theme's footer such as the text color.

Publishing & Resetting

At the bottom of the editor section, you will see these three buttons:

  • Publish
    Clicking this button will make your changes live and visible on the site.

  • Reset Recent Changes
    Use this button to reset and revert any changes you make to the design without publishing. Note that this button will not have any effect if you've published the changes. It is for situations where you have made changes in the editor and want to "start over" in a manner of speaking.

  • Reset to default styles
    Clicking this button will remove all of your changes (published or unpublished) and revert your site to its default color scheme.

As mentioned, only a few Core Themes currently have this editor, but more will follow soon!