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Use the Commerce Connector Module

If you have the Commerce Connector Add-on enabled on your Shift4Shop store, the following steps will help you set it up.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Modules.

  3. On the Modules page, use the search function at the top to search for "Commerce Connector."

Once the module appears, you will see a "Settings" button and an "Enable Commerce Connector" checkbox.

4. Click on the Enable Commerce Connector checkbox to enable the module.

5. Next, click on the Settings button.

6. Now, enter your Commerce Connector Shopident (provided to you by CommerceConncetor) in the "Shopident" field.

7. Click Save to complete the setup.

How it works

Once the setup above is completed, this module will create a special CSV export feed of your products that will be formatted to work with Commerce Connector. The CSV will be formatted with the following headers, which will be mapped to your product attributes:

  • EAN (UPC): Mapped to your Product GTIN

  • Deeplink: Mapped to your Product URL ([store_url]/product.asp?itemid=[catalogid])

  • Availability: Mapped to Product Stock

  • Dealer Item Number: Mapped to Product ID/SKU

  • Manufacturer Item Number: Mapped to your Product MFGID

  • Price: Mapped to your product Price (or sale price if the product is on sale)

  • Delivery Time: Mapped to Product Availability (i.e., "In Stock" or "Out of Stock")

The resulting CSV file will then be retrieved by your Commerce Connector account daily via URL. The URL you'll need to configure on Commerce Connector will be the following:


A tracking pixel will also be added during checkout so you can review your applicable orders on Commerce Connector as needed.