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Troubleshoot Online Payment Methods

You may sometimes have customers contacting you to report that they cannot checkout due to a credit card decline or error. This guide will go over how to check for an error code and what to do when you are able to view one.

The first step is checking an example order.

No Example Order
Finding an error code for a payment method will require an example order. If there is not one present in your store manager (Not Completed or otherwise), the best course of action is to place a test order on your store yourself.

First, create a product for testing if necessary. You can also test a live item if you prefer. This will depend on your own business and structure, so make the appropriate decision as needed.

After, proceed to the front end of your store and add it to the cart as if you were a customer. Then, proceed to the Checkout page and continue on.

Once on the checkout page, you should fill out the customer information with your own. Once this has been done, attempt to complete the order using a credit card. If you are able to complete the order, then your payment method will be working as intended. If it fails, however, continue on for more information.

An Example Order
If an example order exists, you can now check for an error code. To do so:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders.

  2. Locate the appropriate order.

  3. Open the order (click on the order number or go to the action wheel and select Edit.

  4. Scroll down to the Order Comments, and expand this section.

  5. You will find a response code from the payment gateway below the Internal Comments field.

The response codes you find here are the direct response from the payment gateway. They will provide more detail, such as an error code or a message description. These are not actually generated by Shift4Shop, however, so it is important to read on.

Response Codes
Response codes can be found within the order details, as previously mentioned. As these are gateway specific, please see below for how best to handle them.


If you are using Shift4Payments and receiving an error code, you can contact our Support Team for assistance. Our team can help to locate the reason for this error and get it resolved appropriately.

Alternative Payment Methods

If you are using an alternative Payment Method (PayPal,, etc.), we recommend contacting them directly if you receive an error or decline. As these will come directly from their end, they will have more information and proper avenues to get these resolved. In some cases, they may be account issues on their end, and Shift4Shop would not be able to assist in regard to this.