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Split a Shipment

Shift4Shop provides you with the ability to split your shipment into multiple shipments and track them with the Split Shipment option. This can be useful in situations where you have most of the items in the order on hand but need to split one or more items into their own separate shipments.

Split Shipment

  1. When viewing the order, look to the listing of order items and select the item that you'd like to split into its own order.

  2. Next, look to the far left of the item and click on its Action > Split Shipment button to initiate the split shipment function.

If the order is made up of separate products, your cart will split the item away from the order. However, if the order being split is multiple quantities of the SAME item, the cart will split the order into two shipments as equally as possible. For example, if the order is for 5 of a single item, the cart will assign 3 items to one shipment and 2 to the other. This can be edited and saved after the order is split to accommodate the specific needs of the order by clicking on the Ship # links for each split. (i.e., 1 item to Shipment 1, 4 items to shipment 2, etc.)

3. After splitting the order, you will now have a place on the right side of the page in which to handle the order's individual shipments, including tracking numbers. From here, you will be able also to define how the order will be split up.
4. To process the shipment, click on the individual shipment's link and set the Shipment's status to "Shipped."
5. Click Save Changes.

After the split portion of the order is shipped, you will notice the shipment's icon changes.

Split Shipment to Multiple Addresses

With the Split Order function, you can also split the shipment to go to a different ship to address altogether. For example, the customer contacts you and says they need to have some of the items shipped to a different location.

To do this:

  1. Split the shipment as you normally would, and then click on the Shipment's number link on the right side of the page.

  2. Then, while viewing the split shipment, click on the Edit link next to the Shipping Information section.

  3. Specify where and to whom the shipment is going.

  4. Click Save Changes.

For orders that need to be shipped to multiple locations, a better solution would be to enable the "Mulitple Ship To" feature on your Shift4Shop store. This way, the customer can specify the shipping addresses on a per product basis when placing their order. Please have a look at our Knowledge Base guide on enabling and using the "Multiple Ship To Addresses" by clicking here.