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Set Up Paypal Website Payments Pro (with Paypal Express)

This article will show you how to integrate PayPal Payments Pro (with PayPal Express) into your Shift4Shop account.

Here's a brief description of the differences between PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal Express so you're aware of how they each behave.

  • PayPal Payments Pro
    This account will not redirect the customer to PayPal to accept payment. The transaction is completed on your website and the payment method displays as credit card fields.

  • PayPal Express
    This payment method displays as a PayPal logo and opens up a pop up for the customer, allowing them to log into the PayPal website to complete the transaction. Due to PayPal standards, this logo displays on checkout step 1 or prior. This way, the customer does not have to type in their personal information twice (once on your site and once on PayPal's site).

Grant API Access

You will first need to Grant API Access to your Paypal Payments Pro account settings. To do this:

  1. Log into your PayPal Account.

  2. Click on the user icon (located toward the top right).

  3. Then click on the Account Settings option within that menu.

  4. On the Account Settings page, locate API access and click on the Update link.

On the following page, You will be given several API options. In this case, you will be using the one labeled "Pre-built payment solution.

5. Click on the Grant API permission link.

6. In the provided box, enter ""

7. Then click lookup.

PayPal's interface will refresh and show you a list of all possible permissions available to the API.

8. Check all boxes except for the two mentioned below.

9. After selecting the checkboxes, click the Add button (located below the checkboxes) to grant API access.

API access is now granted for your PayPal account.

Next we will set up your Payment Module in the Shift4Shop store.

Insert Your Payment Method

  1. Once you have granted API access in the PayPal console, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Payment.

  3. Once on the Payment page, click on the Select Payment Methods button.

This will take you to the area of the Online Store Manager, where you can add or review your store's payment modules. Along the top of the page, you will see pre-installed payment modules within a section labeled "Recommended Payment Solutions." Further down the page you will see a section labeled "Payment Methods" where you can manually install payment modules.

4. Look towards the top right of the Payment Methods section and click on the Add New button.

A small popup window labeled "Add New Payment Method" will appear with your preliminary settings.

5. In the Payment Method field, scroll down to the "Alternative Payments" section and choose PayPal Payments Pro.

6. Select the Country and State you would like this payment method to apply to.

7. Choose the Minimum and Maximum order amounts this payment method will apply for.

8. Choose the Customer Group you would like the payment method to apply for.

9. Click on the Add New button to install the module.

The payment method will now be added. Your next step is to configure its account settings.

  1. Look for the payment method in your list, then look to the far right of it and make sure its toggle is turned to the "On" position.

  2. Type in the email address associated with your Paypal account in the "PayPal Email" field.

12. Once you are done with your settings, click Save at the top right to commit your changes.

Your store is now set up to take orders using PayPal Payments Pro.

PayPal Express Smart Payment Buttons

As mentioned already, PayPal Payments Pro automatically adds PayPal Express as an additional payment option. Beginning with version 8.2 of the Shift4Shop software, PayPal Express also includes integration with PayPal's Smart Payments button. This is a function that lets your store intelligently present the most relevant payment types to your shoppers - thereby making it easier for them to complete their purchase using methods like Pay with Venmo, PayPal Credit, and local alternative payment types.

The new smart payment button feature also changes the way shoppers log into their PayPal Express accounts. In previous versions of PayPal Express, the customer would be redirected (from your store) to the PayPal Express login pages to complete their transactions.

In the current version of PayPal Express, the customer is no longer redirected back and forth. Instead, a popup window will appear for them that lets them log into their PayPal Account and complete the transaction. The advantage is that - visually - they are not being directed and redirected to and from your store but rather appear to never leave your store at all.

If your store's PayPal Express option is still redirecting customers in the old fashion, then you likely have customizations to your view cart and checkout templates that are not favoring the new functionality.

To correct this, please be sure that your store is using the most up-to-date version of the following HTML templates:

  • view_cart.html

  • checkout-singlepage.html

  • checkout-singlepage-v2.html

  • checkout-step1.html

  • checkout-step3.html

  • checkout-step3_multiple.html

For more information on how to update your template files to the latest version, please click here.