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Set Up My Shift4Shop Store to Use Bongo Checkout

Bongo Checkout is an integrated solution that provides retailers access to the billions of dollars spent online by international consumers with no associated risks or difficulties.

We've partnered with Bongo Checkout, which allows Shift4Shop merchants to take advantage of their exciting product.

What is needed:

  • A Bongo Checkout account,

  • Your Bongo Merchant ID

  • Your Bongo URL ID.

How it Works

Your International Customer is taken from your Shift4Shop store's View Cart page to your Bongo secure checkout page to place their order.

  • A domestic shipping charge from your store location to Bongo's warehouse will be calculated with the current shipping methods used on your store.

  • The order will be completed and paid for on Bongo Checkout. Once this happens, Bongo will create an unpaid order on your Shift4Shop store.

  • A daily batch of received orders is processed by Bongo, and confirmed orders are moved from the Unpaid status to New in your store. (Canceled orders will be moved from Unpaid to Canceled)

Enable the Plugin

Once you have had your Bongo Checkout account created and have received your account information, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and use the following steps.

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left navigation menu:

  1. Go to Modules.

  2. Search for the "Bongo Checkout" module and click on its + icon to expand the selection.

  3. Click on "Settings" link within the module.

  4. Enable the plugin and enter the necessary information.

Your options are:

  • Enable
    Mark this checkbox to enable the plugin

  • Merchant ID
    Use this field to enter your Bongo Checkout Merchant ID. It is typically a 32-character ID you receive from Bongo.

  • URL ID
    use this field to enter the 5-digit URL ID you receive from Bongo Checkout

  • Max. Domestic Shipping
    Use this field to determine the maximum domestic shipping charge that will be forwarded to the orders when they reach Bongo Checkout.

After you've set up your configuration, click "Save" at the top right to commit the settings.

Testing the Integration

To see Bongo Checkout in action, go to your store, place any item in the cart and view the cart. When you get to the "View Cart" page just before "proceed to check out," you will see a new button underneath labeled: "Outside the U.S.? Click here to Checkout."