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Set Up Customer Groups

Shift4Shop allows you to create different pricing levels and customer groups for your store. This is a method by which you can offer a different pricing structure to your customers based on which customer group they belong to. A common example of customer groups is a retail/wholesale type of setup, where regular customers are able to purchase your products at the regular price, but special customers are able to purchase your products at wholesale prices, provided they belong to that special pricing group.

To add a Customer Group:

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left navigation menu:

  1. Go to Customers > Manage Groups.

  2. Click on +Add New at the top right of the page.

You will then be presented with 4 fields to populate. These are:

  • Group Name
    This will be the name of your pricing group. The group name will display on the various options within the store that take customer pricing groups into consideration. For example, "Allow Access" on the product's Advanced Tab and Category settings, individual customer settings, and payment/shipping configurations that are available to specific customer groups.

  • Description
    This will be a brief description of the customer group intended for your own internal reference.

  • Minimum Order
    Here you will specify a minimum order amount customers must have in their cart before they are able to take advantage of the pricing level. For example, in the case of a wholesale pricing group, you may want to dictate that the customers must order a minimum amount of $100 in order to qualify their purchases at the wholesale price level.

  • Price Level
    Use this drop-down to select which Pricing Level the group will use. There are 10 individual pricing levels, and they can be set on each individual product's Advanced Tab.

3. Once you have populated these fields, click Save to finish the process.

There are also additional settings that can be configured for each group. To configure the group's additional settings, select your group from the list, and look to the far right of its listing to click on the Action > Edit button. You will now see the same parameters listed above, along with the following:

  • Non Taxable
    Use this setting to make the customer group non-taxable and waive any tax charges on the group's order.

  • Allow Registration
    Use this setting if you'd like to allow registration to this group from your storefront. In other words, when adding themselves to your store during checkout, customers will be able to select which group they would like to belong to. By default, this setting is turned off, so you can manually move customers to special groups as needed. However, for your purposes, you may want to set this option.

For more information on creating and using Customer Groups, please review our online tutorial available by clicking here.