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Run a Traceroute

A traceroute is a basic network utility/function that will display the specific route a network connection takes to reach another network. In many cases, the traceroute function can be useful in diagnosing connection problems between an end-user computer (i.e. your home computer) and an outside host (i.e. your website).

When troubleshooting issues with your Shift4Shop store such as connectivity or slowness, a traceroute can offer quite a bit of information.

To run a traceroute on a Windows based computer, please use the following steps:

Go to your computer's "Start" menu at the bottom left and go to "Run."

  1. At the Run Window, type "CMD."

  2. This will open up a command prompt similar to the image.

  3. At the prompt type in: "tracert [domain]" where [domain] is your store URL, then select your ENTER key.

Your computer will now trace the route your connection takes to reach the website.

Be on the lookout for asterisks (*) and any messages that indicate a timeout on any of the specific hops. Also be sure to note the Millisecond rates on the individual hops.