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Print Shipping Labels on a Thermal Printer

As mentioned in a previous guide, Shift4Shop allows you to print shipping labels for your orders directly from the Online Store Manager. However, it should be noted that the "Print Label" function inside the label manager is mostly intended for ink jet printed labels.

If you are using a thermal printing device that is set to print on a smaller, self-adhesive label, the process will be slightly different than just clicking on the "Print Label" button. The following instructions should help describe the process for printing on Thermal Print devices.

Generating Your Thermal Printer Shipping Label

The first step in the process is to generate the shipping label as described in the Shipping Label tutorial. Then, when you're about to actually generate the Shipping label:

  1. Select the desired Shipping Label size for your thermal label printer.

  2. Click OK to generate the label.

The label manager will provide you with a tracking number along with two buttons labeled "Get PDF" and "Print Label" respectively.

3. For Thermal Label printers, select the Get PDF button to view the PDF formatted version of the label.

Additional Information
The "Print Label" button is mostly intended for ink jet printing devices because it will print out the label on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. This version of the label will also include directions as to how to affix the label onto your packaging

For thermal printing devices, however, it is necessary to use the PDF file since it contains only the label and is therefore easier to conform to the printer's configured label size.

4. Right-click on the PDF and select Save Page As to save the label in PDF format.
5. The PDF will be named with the tracking number for reference (i.e., 945821020883791503694.pdf).

6. Open the PDF file and go to File > Print.
7. Click on Properties to check the printout sizes on the PDF reader.
8. After checking the label's printout size, click OK.
9. On the Print Screen window, be sure to select the Fit option in the “Page Sizing and Handling” section as shown.
10. Click Print when ready.

Your label should now conform to the set parameters for your thermal printing device for "Peel and Ship" labeling.