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How do I Integrate my Store with Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay (SWP)?

Integrate my Store with Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay (SWP)

If you are using Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay (SWP) as your payment gateway, you will need to follow these steps to integrate it into your store.

Adding the Payment Module

First, we will add the payment module to your Shift4Shop Store.

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment.

  2. Click on the Select Payment button located within the "Payment Methods" section.

  3. Click +Add New at the top of the page.

  4. Configure your Country, State, Order Amount Ranges and Customer Groups applicable to this Payment Method as needed.

  5. From the Payment Method drop-down menu, select Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay (SWP).

  6. Click +Add when complete.

The above steps will add the payment method to your store. The next steps will be to configure the payment module to work with your payment gateway account.

Configuring your Payment Module

7. Scroll down to the newly added payment method and click on its Settings link.

8. Enter the API Login credentials for your SWP account.

9. Click the Save button at the top right when finished.

Your store is now integrated with Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay (SWP).

Specifying Your Return Page

The final step in the process involves specifying a return page that your shoppers will return to once the transaction is complete. This step is important in that it completes the transaction on the Shift4Shop store. These steps will be done on your Payments Gateway Secure Web Pay interface.

  1. Log into your PaymentsGateway (Forte) Virtual Terminal.

  2. Go to Gateway Settings > Secure Web Page > Main > Settings.

  3. In the "Return Page" section, enter the following:

    • https://[your-secure-store-url]/paymentreceive.asp?gw=paymentsgatewayswp

4. Set "Accept Unsigned Transactions" as "yes."

5. Go to the "Field Settings" tab.

6. On "Merchant Defined Fields" select the following:

Consumer Order ID - Optional | Text Field - Text Only | Description - Order ID

7. Save your settings.

Your Shift4Shop store should now be integrated with Payments Gateway - Secure Web Pay.