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Install the Shift4Shop Wordpress Plugin

You can now sell your Shift4Shop Store items directly from your WordPress site.

To use this feature, please use the following steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress account.

  2. From your WordPress Admin Interface, navigate to Plugins and click on Add New.

  3. Using the search bar, search for "Shift4Shop."

  4. When the search result appears, click on Install Now for the Shift4Shop Online Store plugin.

5. Once the plugin is installed, click on the Activate button to enable it.

At this point, the WordPress admin page will refresh and will take you to your installed plugins. To continue:

6. Locate your newly installed Shift4Shop Online plugin and click on its "Settings" link

7. Enter your Shift4Shop store URL and Currency Symbol in the provided fields.
(For store URL, be sure to include the https: and www prefixes as applicable)

8. Click Save Changes.

Configuring the Widget

The plugin will provide a widget that allows you to display items from your Shift4Shop store directly onto your WordPress site. Therefore, the next steps involve adding the widget to your WordPress theme.

While still logged into your WordPress control panel:

  1. Click on the "Appearance" menu.

  2. Next go to "Widgets."

  3. Under the "Available Widgets" section, locate the Shift4Shop Ecommerce Widget and add it to the Theme Element you'd like for it to appear in.

4. Once you've placed the widget, click on it to expand and configure its individual settings.

  • Title:
    Use this field to enter the title you'd like to have on the top part of the widget.

  • Product Catalog IDs
    Enter the catalog IDs* for the products you'd like to have displayed. Separate them through the use of commas.


You can also manually embed products within blog posts or content pages. This function adds the added feature where the buy now button opens the cart in an embedded pop-up and checkout page. You can use this function by using the following shortcode in your content:

[shift4shop catalog_id=X]

Just be sure to replace X with your product's Catalog ID*

How Products Appear

Using the Widget

When using the Widget to display your items, they will appear inline wherever the widget is placed on the site. For example, in the second image shown in this guide, the widget is placed on the right banner.

When visitors click on the item(s), they will be directed to your Shift4Shop online store to view and purchase the product directly from your store site.

Using the Shortcode

If using the shortcode method to embed products, the display will appear a bit differently. Rather than being contained within a widget, the shortcode will display your product(s) similar to the third image shown.

Along with the product's name and price, you will also see its availability. Further, if the product has selectable options, these will be shown as well. Finally, the products will be shown with a Buy Now button.

When the Buy Now button is clicked, a flyout cart will appear on the right side of the site itself. And the checkout will take place within a popup window that will appear in the center of your external site.