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Grant Access to eBay's API On My Store

Granting API Access

The integration between your Shift4Shop store and your eBay account is possible through a special API app created for Shift4Shop users. The first step in integrating your Shift4Shop store is to grant the necessary API access to your eBay account.

To begin, please make sure you have the following:

  • A Shift4Shop Professional+ (or higher) account
    If you are on a lower account, you will need to upgrade to Professional+

  • An eBay Sandbox Developer Account
    (Optional but HIGHLY Recommended)

  • An eBay Seller Account

This article will assume you are already on the Shift4Shop Professional+ plan and have an eBay Seller Account.

Setting up your Sandbox Account

It should be noted that eBay charges certain fees for item listings. Therefore, you may want to first register and sign up for an eBay "SandBox" account for your initial setup of the integration. The reason for this is that the sandbox environment will not incur fees.

Register for an eBay Developer Account

The following steps should help you with the sandbox user creation process:

  1. Go to eBay's Developers Program Page located here.

  2. Click on the Join Now button located to the right of the page.

  3. Complete the registration to create your Sandbox environment account.

After creating the Developer Account, you will now be able to create test user accounts that will use eBay's sandbox environment. To continue, proceed with the following steps:

4. Once again, go to eBay's Developers Program Page located here.

5. Log in with your Developer credentials (created in the previous steps).

At the very bottom of the page, you will see a "Tools" section:

6. Click on the link labeled "Sandbox User Registration."

7. Create your Sandbox user account.

8. Save your sandbox user login(s) in a safe place to refer to them later. Note that the username(s) will be created with a "TESTUSER_" prefix.

Your Sandbox credentials are now in place, and you may proceed to the next steps.

Granting API Access to your Shift4Shop Store

Regardless of whether you are using eBay's Production or Sandbox environments for your Shift4Shop/eBay integration, the next step in the process will be to grant access to your Shift4Shop store so that it uses the eBay API.

To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Modules.

  3. Use the search bar at the top and search for eBay to view the module.

You will see three links listed. Clicking on either of these links will take you to a page with a button labeled Grant Access.

4. At the top left of the page, select the eBay environment you want to use. (*See Additional Information below)

5. Click on the Grant Access button.

You will now be redirected to the eBay login page.

6. Log into your (sandbox or production) eBay account.

You will see a page on the eBay interface allowing you to grant access.

7. Click Agree to continue.

The system will take you back to your Shift4Shop Store Admin. You have successfully granted access to eBay's API from your store.

In our next guide, we will discuss the configuration settings available to you with your Shift4Shop/eBay integration.

Then, we'll have further articles on topics such as: setting up the eBay Listing Templates, Listing your Products on eBay, and Processing your eBay-generated orders.