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Flag Orders With a Color or Label

From time to time, you may want to flag an order with a color or label to be able to refer to it quickly later on. For example, a high priced order that you need time to carefully process can be flagged as a specific color so that it appears more prominently on your list of orders.

This can be done using the store's Tagging function.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Orders > Manager Orders.

  3. Locate the order you'd like to edit and click on its Invoice number to view the order.

While viewing the order, you will see a link labeled "Tag this order" directly beneath the "Status" menu.

4. Click on the Tag this order link.

5. Using the left drop-down, select the color you would like to tag the order.

6. Within the right field, enter a note regarding the reason for tagging.

7. Then click on the green checkmark to tag the order.

8. Finally, click Save at the top right of the page to save the tagging.

When you return to the Orders > Manager Orders view, the order will be highlighted in the color you selected. Furthermore, as you view the order, your tag note will be seen (also highlighted) in the selected color.