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Customize the Order's Emails

Order's Emails

The Shift4Shop system generates automatic emails which are sent to your shoppers when an order is placed and when the order is updated to a different status.

These email templates can be edited from your Online Store Manager's Settings > Design > Emails page. You will have two versions of the New Order emails (Text and HTML) as well as a separate template for each of the additional order statuses.

Each template uses a series of dynamic variable tags which insert specific database information into the contents of the email. Dynamic tags will always be listed in [ and ] brackets.

Here is a quick reference of the various tags that you can use on the content of the email templates:

Order Information

  • Order Date: [odate]

  • Order Number: [invoicenum]

  • Payment Type: [opaymethod]

  • Subtotal: [osubtotal]

  • Shipping Cost: [oshipcost]

  • Tax: [otax]

  • Order amount: [orderamount]

  • Shipping Method: [oshipmethod]

  • Total Weight: [totalweight]

  • Shipped Date: [oshippeddate]

  • Tracking Code: [trackingcode]

  • Phone: [ophone]

  • E-mail: [oemail]

Order Shipping Information

  • Ship To Name: [oshipfirstname] [oshiplastname]

  • Shipping Address: [oshipaddress] [oshipaddress2]

  • City: [oshipcity]

  • State: [oshipstate]

  • Zip: [oshipzip]

  • Country: [oshipcountry]

Billing Information

  • Name: [ofirstname] [olastname]

  • Address: [oaddress] [oaddress2]

  • City: [ocity]

  • State: [ostate]

  • Zip: [ozip]

  • Country: [ocountry]

Product Information

  • Block START: <!--START: product->

    • Item Part Number: [itemid]

    • Item Name: [itemname]

    • Unit Price: [unitprice]

    • Quantity: [numitems]

    • Weight: [weight]

    • Thumbnail: [thumbnail]

    • Manufacturer ID: [mfgid]

    • Short Description: [description]

    • Stock: [stock]

    • Retail Price: [price2]

    • Availability: [availability]

  • Block END: <!--END: product->

Promotions Information

  • Block START: <!--START: discounts->

    • Name: [promotion_name]

    • Description: [promotion_description]

    • Amount: [discount_amount]

  • Block END: <!--END: discounts->

Checkout Questions

  • Question 1

    • Block START: <!--START: checkoutquestions1-><!--START: question1->

      • Question & Answer: [question]: [answer]

    • Block END: <!--END: question1-><!--END: checkoutquestions1->

  • Question 2

    • Block START: <!--START: checkoutquestions2-><!--START: question2->

      • Question & Answer: [question]: [answer]

    • Block END: <!--END: question2-><!--END: checkoutquestions2->

  • Question 3

    • Block START: <!--START: checkoutquestions3-><!--START: question3->

      • Question & Answer: [question]: [answer]

    • Block END: <!--END: question3-><!--END: checkoutquestions3->