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Change My Account's Billing Term

Changing your billing term (from monthly to quarterly, semi-annually or annually) can save you money and stop the hassle of following up with monthly bills.

With Shift4Shop, this process is both easy and hassle-free.  This guide will show you how.

Changing your Shift4Shop billing term agreement:

To change the billing term agreement on your account, please use the following steps:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. From the admin dashboard, look to the bottom right of the left navigation menu and click on the $ icon.

  3. Next, under Current Plan, click on the Change Plan button.

  4. The "Change Plan Order Form" allows you to either Choose a New Plan and/or to specify a New Agreement.

  5. Under the "New Agreement" section, select the new term, for example, "12 Month pre-pay agreement (15% discount)."

  6. Click Preview Order to review all the details.

  7. Check the I agree section.

  8. Click on Submit Order.

That's it! Our Billing department will apply the change and confirm the discounts associated with the new term selected.