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Add Shipping Insurance to Orders

Shift4Shop allows you to add shipping insurance to your orders. This is a method by which you specify an additional fee that can be added to regular shipping costs. The insurance can either be required on orders over a certain value or can be optional for your customer to choose.

Adding Shipping Insurance

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping.

  2. Look under the "More Options" area and click on Insurance.

  3. Click the +Add New button.

  4. In the Min and Max fields, type the minimum and maximum value of the order for your first range. For example, for $0 - $100, you would type 0, 100 into the Min and Max fields.

  5. Enter the cost of the shipping insurance into the Price field.

  6. Check the % checkbox if you would like the insurance cost to be a percentage of the order total.

  7. Check the Required checkbox if the insurance is to be required on the order. Leave it unchecked if the insurance is optional.

  8. Click Save when ready.

When applicable, the Shipping Insurance notification appears to the shopper during their checkout process.