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How do I Add ShareASale Conversion Tracking to my Shift4Shop Store?

Add ShareASale Conversion Tracking to my Shift4Shop Store

Shift4Shop's integration with ShareASale allows you to automatically enable a tracking conversion script onto your store's checkout page.

The following instructions will show you how to enable this module.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Modules.

  3. Once you get to the Modules page, use the search bar at the top and search for Shareasale.

The ShareASale Module will appear for you

4. Click on the Settings button.

5. Enter your ShareASale Merchant ID in the field provided.

6. Place a mark in the Enable Conversion Script checkbox.

7. Then click Save at the bottom right of the popup.

The store will inform you that the setting is enabled and you will be back at the module page with the ShareASale module in view.

8. Now, click on the Enabled checkbox on the module.

9. Lastly, click Save at the top right of the Modules page.

Your store will now insert the ShareASale conversion tracking code on the final checkout page for your ShareASale affiliate tracking needs.