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Adding H1 Tags to Home Page

H1 tags can be an important part of your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters since they are used by search engines to properly index and catalog your pages.

By default, Shift4Shop's templates are optimized to automatically include <h1> tags for your product, category, and blog pages. However, you may also want to add them to other pages of your site. For example, your homepage can also benefit from using proper <h1> tags in its respective headers.

The best area to add a <h1> to your home page would be from the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager's Content > Titles & Content area.

Once there, look for the "Home" page and click its Edit button to use the Page Editor, where you will see an area where you can control both the header and footer of the home page.

Add your <h1> header information to the page. A quick, one-line summary of your products and/or services should suffice.

Your store will then contain an H1 formatted title for its home page, which will help your site's SEO.

You may add <h1> tags to other pages of your site, but keep in mind that your store will automatically create these tags for your product, category, and blog pages based on their titles. As these are edited, their respective tags will update as well.