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Add CCBill to my Store

If you are using CCBill as your payment processor, the following steps will show you how to add it to your store properly.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Payment.

  3. Click the Select Payment button under the Payment Methods section.

  4. At the top right of the page, click on the +Add New button.

  5. In the Add New Payment Type section, select the country and state you would like this payment method made available.

  6. In the "Payment Method" drop-down menu, select CCBill.

  7. Enter the minimum and maximum value orders can be to use this payment method.

  8. Select the customer group you would like this payment method applicable to
    Tip: All = customers in any group | None = customers in no particular group | Phone Orders = only phone orders).

  9. Then click on the +Add button to continue.

These steps will have created the payment method, but you will have additional settings that can be further configured.

10. Locate your newly created Online Payment method on the list of Payment methods (It will be listed under "Additional Gateways" in the middle of the page).
11. Click on the Setting" link to the far right of it.

Once there, you may change the "Caption" of the payment method to whatever you'd like it to read on the storefront. Typically, the caption will read "Online Credit Card.", but you may change it to read anything you'd like. For example, "Pay with CCBIll." You will also have the following fields to enter your CCBill account credentials:

  • Account/Subaccount
    Enter your CCBill Account credentials
    (Important: be sure to separate both account and subaccount numbers with a / forward slash.)

  • Salt
    Click the Change link to set the account's salt value

  • Form name/Subscription Length
    Enter the form name and subscription length.

While viewing the gateway method's settings, you will see a button labeled "Advanced Settings" which will give you the following configuration options:

  • Order Amount Min; & Order Amount Max:
    These were set during the initial creation of the payment method (see step 6 above). Here you can edit them as needed.

  • Customer Group:
    This was set during the initial creation of the method (See step 7 above). Here you can edit the setting as needed.

    • "All"
      will make the method available to all of your shoppers - regardless of the pricing group they belong to.

    • "None"
      will make the method available to shoppers who do not yet belong to a customer group

    • "Phone Orders"
      will make the method available only when using the Phone Orders function.

    • Individual Group
      Or you may limit the use of the payment method so that it applies only to one of your existing customer groups

  • Order Status
    This setting will determine which order status that orders using this method will automatically go into. Your choices are New or Unpaid.
    Since it is an
    online payment method, you will likely want it to go to new, since payment is typically applied by the gateway.

  • Country/State Exclude List
    When you initially added the payment method, you set the country and state that it would apply to (See step 4 above)
    With the "Edit Exclude List" link, you can further limit which countries and/or states that are
    excluded from using the method.

  • Confirmation message
    This will display to the customer once the purchase has been completed – Example: Thank you for your purchase!

  • Description
    This is Optional. The description will display next to the payment method – Example: Check out Securely with our Payment Service.

Once your advanced settings are configured, click the OK button to set them. Finally, click on the "Save" button at the top right to commit all of your changes.

Your store is now set to use CCBill for its payment processing.

Why don’t my CCBill paid orders show up in my store?

When using CCBill as your payment gateway, you may receive a notification from your CCBill account of an order being processed, but it does not appear in your Shift4Shop store. 

To correct this, you will need to specify a "callback URL" on your CCBill account that redirects the purchaser back to your Shift4Shop store.  This callback process finalizes the order and sets it as "New" on your Shift4Shop store so you can process and ship the order to your customer.

The callback url you will need to use is as follows:


Be sure to use your Shift4Shop's store secure URL.  If you do not know your site's secure URL, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and navigate to Settings > General > Store Settings, and look for the Store and Secure URL fields to see this information.