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How do I Add a Site Map to my Google Webmaster Tools?

Add Site Map to Google WebMaster Tool

A sitemap is used to tell search engines about pages on your store that they (the search engines) might not otherwise find through regular site crawling.

Shift4Shop makes it easy to create your own store's sitemap. Furthermore, if you're using Google Search Console along with your Shift4Shop store, this process is made even easier.

  1. To begin, log into your Google Search Console account.

Upon logging in to the console, you will see your domain property at the top left. If you have multiple domain properties set up on the Google Search Console, select the one you will be submitting a sitemap for

Once the property is selected, look to the left menu and locate "Sitemaps" within the Index section.

2. Click on the Sitemaps link.

3. At the top of the page (where it says "Add a new sitemap"), enter your full store URL plus "/sitemap.asp" and click Submit.

That's it! Google will now access this asp file for your sitemap.