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Use Inventory Control For Products With Advanced Options

For products that are sold with different options (i.e., Color, Size, etc.), you might need to keep track of the stock of the item for each specific options combination. Advanced Options allow you to keep the inventory control on the option level, so when a customer orders the product with options, the inventory will be deducted from the advanced option stock.

Enable Inventory Control

The Inventory messages will not display unless Inventory Control is enabled. Inventory Control keeps track of the stock of your products in your store. Below are the basic steps involved for enabling Inventory Control.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Store Settings.

  2. Click on the General tab and look towards the lower right of the page.

  3. In the Inventory Control section, check the Enable Inventory Control checkbox.

  4. Click the Save button at the top right.

Advanced Options

Setting up the Advanced Options is described in greater detail within our Advanced Options knowledge base guide. You can view the guide here. Below are the basic steps.

  1. Go to Products > Product List.

  2. Find the product you'd like to like to enable Advanced Options for and click on its ID or Name to open it. You can also look to the far right of the product and click on its Action > Edit button.

  3. Click on the Options tab to view your options.

  4. Next, look towards the top right of the page and click on the Actions button to select "Advanced Options."

To specify your Advanced Options, click on each of their respective Enable boxes. From there, you can edit the fields available in the page.

Of the available "Advanced Options" fields, Inventory Control will work directly with the "Stock" field.  This field will obey whatever stock alert rules you set up for the product at its base level and notify you of when the option's inventory is low.

With Advanced Options enabled and the option's Stock set to 0, your customers will not be able to buy the product with this option selected. Also, it is usually best to enable ALL advanced options for the products to ensure they can be purchased correctly.

Exporting/Importing Advanced Options

The Advanced Options for your products can be modified in batch by using the Export/Import section. The file for importing the Advanced Options can be downloaded from the "Sample Link" located in the Products Export page of your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.