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Rename State and Zip Code

By default, your Shift4Shop store will contain a drop-down list of countries in the checkout page for the shopper's billing and shipping information.

The countries and states populated in these drop-down menus are directly controlled by your store's "Shipping Countries" section which can be found by going to Settings >Shipping and clicking on the "Country List" (along the right side) in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.  More information on this section can be found here.

During the checkout process, the shopper will select their respective country from the list and - if the country in your store is populated with "states" - the shopper can then select their respective state or province.

Furthermore, the shopper will be given the option of entering their Zip Code to the order during these checkout steps.

A question we often get from merchants is in reference to renaming these sections of the cart.

These fields are labeled "State" and "Zip Code'' due to the fact that the majority of Shift4Shop stores are U.S. based. However, your business might need to have these labels changed to reflect your geographic area instead. For example, instead of "States" as the label, Canadian based business owners may want to use "Province" instead.

While UK based businesses will need to use labels like "County" and/or "Postal Code" instead.

To change these labels, you will use the store's "Store Language" section, which is found by going to Settings > Design > Store Language.

This section is intended to allow merchants to change the language used on the storefront. However, in our case here, we'll be using it to change the labels being used for the State and Zip Code fields.

Once you've arrived at the Store Language page, you'll need to find the "State" tag.

The best and easiest way to do this is to use the browser's "Find" option. So hold down CTRL-F on your keyboard and type in "State" to find the tag.

Change your fields as needed and click Save to retain your changes.

Incidentally, you may use the "Store Language" section to change any other regional terms on your site in the same manner.