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Ship to Multiple Addresses

In some cases, you may want to allow your customers the ability to ship their orders to multiple destinations. For example, your customer may want to place an order and have part, or all of it shipped to someone else as a gift. In order to take advantage of the real-time shipping calculations for these multiple addresses, you would want to enable the "Multiple Ship to" feature on your cart.

"Multiple Ship To" Feature

To enable the Multiple Ship To function, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left navigation:

  1. Go to Modules.

  2. Look for the "Multiple Ship To" module and click on its + icon to expand the selection.

  3. Place a mark in the Enable 'Multiple Ship to' Feature checkbox.

  4. Save your changes by clicking on the Save button at the top right.

How it will look to your Customers

With this setting, when your customers place an item into their cart, they will now be given the option of designating the item to go to a different address.

Then, when they get to the View Cart page, they can specify the address to which the items will be shipped to. Furthermore, when shipping is calculated on the order, the rates will be factored for each destination independently!