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Add a Size Chart to My Products

The following steps will show you an easy way of adding a size chart to your products using Shift4Shop's Product Extra Fields.

Adding the Size Chart to a Product

  1. Login into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  2. Using the left navigation menu, go to Products > Product List.

  3. Locate the product you'd like to edit and click on its thumbnail image or name to open it up. You will be taken to the product's Information tab.

  4. Scroll down the page until you see the "Additional Information" section.

You will see a series of fields labeled Field 1, Field 2, etc. These are the product's extra fields and they can be used to display additional pieces of information for the product. Fields 1 through 5 will display as simple bullet points on the product page, while Fields 6 through 13 will appear in tabs next to the product's descriptions and reviews. These tabbed fields are the fields we will use for this tutorial.

5. Scroll to Field 6 and make sure the WYSIWYG mode is set to On.

6. Using the "Insert Table" function of the WYSIWYG tool, add a table to the field.

7. Create your sizing chart as needed and click Save at the top right of the page to complete the edit.

Renaming the Extra Field Tab

By default, the Fields on the product page are labeled "Feature:" on the store's product page. However, you can rename them to match your needs in the Store Language page.

While still in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

  1. Go to Content > Site Content.

  2. Once on the Site Content page, scroll down to the bottom and click Edit beneath "Store Language."

  3. Using the search bar at the top, search for "extrafield." This will show all of the extra field labels.

  4. Locate the field you used for your Size Chart (extrafield6 in our example) and rename it to suit your needs (for example, "Size Chart").

  5. Click Save at the top right.

Your product now will have a size chart listed as a selectable tab next to its description.