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Offer a Free Gift Certificate With Purchase of an Item

As a merchant, you may want to offer a situation where your shopper can get a gift certificate when they purchase a particular item.

However, due to the way gift certificates are designed to work, the certificate's value is reflective of how much money the shopper actually pays for it. In other words, if the shopper pays $20 for the gift certificate, the value of the gift certificate code is $20. But if the shopper pays nothing for the gift certificate, the store will literally issue a gift certificate code that is good for $0.00!

So to offer a free gift certificate with the purchase of an item, we need to have the store "think" that the certificate was purchased.

Fortunately, the store's built-in Rewards Program function can help us achieve this effect. The store's software treats Reward Points almost as a form of currency, and you can use this logic to your advantage!

The following information will help you offer a free gift certificate when a shopper purchases a particular item.

Configure the Store's Rewards Program

The first step will be to configure your store's built-in Rewards Program. This can be done by logging into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and using the left navigation menu:

  1. Go to Modules.

  2. Search for the "Reward Points For Customers" module and click on its + icon to expand the selection.

  3. Mark the Enable Rewards checkbox.

  4. Click Save at the top right.

Add the Gift Certificate Product

The next step will be to create the Gift Certificate product that will be awarded to the shopper when they purchase the product you designate for the offer. The Gift Certificate product itself will be made so that it is redeemable for a specific number of reward points, and the gift certificate itself will be for a flat dollar amount.

For more complete information on creating the Gift Certificate Product, please click here.

For the purposes of this article, we'll make the Gift Certificate worth $20 and redeemable for 40 reward points, but you can use your own preferences.

Setting Up Your Designated Product

The final step is to configure your product so that it awards a specific number of reward points to the shopper that purchases it. In our example, we'll make the product award the same amount of points needed to redeem the gift certificate - 40 points.

How It All Comes Together

After this setup, the basic purchase process will be as follows:

  1. Shopper purchases the designated item.

  2. The store awards the shopper the specified number of rewards points for their purchase.

  3. The shopper can then use the points to redeem the gift certificate product.

  4. The store emails the shopper a gift certificate code for the specified amount!