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Custom Stock Message

Custom 'In Stock,' 'Out of Stock,' and 'Back Order' messages can be created per product for your online store. For example, you may have a custom-made product that may take longer to ship than your standard products. In this case, you may need to have the product's inventory display "Made to Order - please allow 5 days" rather than the general "In Stock" message that displays for the rest of your products.

Enable Inventory Control

The Inventory messages will not display unless Inventory Control is enabled. Inventory Control keeps track of the stock of your products in your store. Below are the basic steps involved in enabling Inventory Control.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Store Settings and click on the "General" tab.

  2. In the Inventory Control section, check the Enable Inventory Control checkbox.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Create a Custom Inventory Message

  1. Go to Products and search for the product you'd like to edit.

  2. Click on the product's name (or look to the far right and click on the product's Action > Edit button).

  3. In the Inventory Options section, type your custom message for either the In Stock, Out of Stock, and/or, Back Order message.

4. Click Save.