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Custom Price Display

By default, the price set in your product's "Information" tab is the price that appears to your shoppers.

However, you may have a situation where your product does not have a set price. For example, a customer may need to choose specific product options which will dictate the final price, or perhaps the product is custom-made, and the customer needs to call your store to get pricing. For this reason, you may need to display "Pricing starts from $X and up" or "Call us for pricing" in place of the general price.

By using the Display Text feature, the custom text will display in place of the price of the product on the web page. Only after the customer adds the product to their cart will they be able to see the value of the item.

To Set Display Text:

  1. Go to Products and search for the product that you'd like to edit.

  2. Click on the product's name (or look to the far right of the product and click on its Action > Edit button.

  3. Click on the product's Advanced Tab and look toward its "Price and Quantity Options."

  4. Type your customized price wording in the Display Text field.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Your product will then display to customers in the format shown below: