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Edit Multiple Product Variables At Once

If you need to edit several variables of multiple products at the same time, you can use Shift4Shop's Multiple Update feature. The Multiple Update feature allows you to filter your products by category. After you have chosen the category of products you wish to update, you can then choose the specific variables you would like to edit and make the change all at once.

Multiple Update

  1. Go to Products > Product list.

  2. Look towards the top right of the page and click on the More button.

  3. Select Batch Update.

You will see a search bar at the top of the page where you can enter a keyword to search for products. Next to the search button, you will see a button labeled Advanced, which will let you narrow the search for products from a specific category, distributor, or manufacturer.

Then, along the bottom of the advanced search window, you will see a list of editable variables which can be selected for the Batch Update.

4. Choose the category of products you would like to edit in the Category dropdown.

5. Select the variables you would like to edit for each product. You can edit up to 5 different variables simultaneously.

Below is a list and brief summary of the variables available in the Multiple Update section:

  • ID
    The Product ID/Sku number of the product

    The unique manufacturer ID of the product.

  • Name
    The name of the product.

  • Cost
    The base cost of your product.
    This variable is for internal use and is not displayed to the customer.

  • Price
    The price of the product that you want to charge your customers.

  • Price2
    The retail price of the product.

  • SalePrice
    The sale price of the product.

  • Onsale
    Mark the product as On Sale.
    This is a boolean parameter where 1 = on and 0 = off.
    In this case, type 1 for "On Sale" and type a 0 for not on sale.

  • Stock
    The quantity on hand of the product.

  • Weight
    The weight of the product.

  • Shipcost
    This is a markup or handling fee to the product.

  • Free_Shipping
    Mark the product as free shipping. Type a 1 to specify free shipping, and type a 0 to disable free shipping.

Once you have edited all of your variables, click Save Changes to commit them to the cart.