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Display Referring Affiliates on My Store

Some merchants using the Affiliate Program may want to display the referring Affiliate on their store pages. For example, a notice on the pages welcoming the visitor and letting them know who they were referred by.

To add this ability to your store, you will need to add the following code block to your store's frame.html template:

<!--START: affiliate-name->
<!--END: affiliate-name->

The code shown above will add the affiliate's company name on the site, but you can edit it further to have other wording if you'd like. For example, "Thanks for visiting from [affiliate-name]!" or something similar. Just make sure your html is between the start and end tags in the code above.

The placement of the code is entirely up to you but it may be best to place it towards the top of the frame so that it is readily visibile to your referred visitors.