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Coupon Promotion Via Link

Yes! As of version 9, the built-in promotion manager will allow you to apply a coupon directly via URL. This can be useful in marketing campaigns or other situations where you want to send customers a URL that applies the coupon to their order rather than having them enter it manually during checkout.

When a customer follows the URL/Link to your store, the coupon code is automatically applied to their potential order. Then, when they proceed to checkout, the system will check the applied promotions and activate them if they're eligible for the customer's order.

How Do I Get The Coupon Promotion URL/Link?

When creating (or editing) your promotion, if you select Yes for the "Requires Coupon" setting, a box will open up where you input the coupon. As you enter the coupon that will be used on the promotion, the system will generate a link for you. You can click the "Copy Link" button to copy the URL.

You can also manually create the coupon link simply by adding the following to your store URLs.

This can be useful if you'd like the shopper to arrive at a specific page on your store (like a category page) while including the coupon code in the URL.

Can I apply multiple coupon codes via a link?

Yes, separate them with a comma in the URL like this:

As mentioned, the store will automatically apply the coupon to the shopper's cart. When they get to the view cart page, the coupon(s) will activate. As long as the order is eligible for the promotions, they will apply.

So if you include three promotions in the URL, and the order qualifies for only one or two, the cart will react accordingly and activate the correct ones. If the order applies to all three promotions, again, the store will behave accordingly and apply the discounts.