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Add My Product's Extra Fields to Search Results

By default, the store's search results page will display the product thumbnail, name, price, and availability. The search page's HTML template can also be edited to include Fields 1 through 13 in the search results.

To include your products extra fields in the search results page, you will need to edit the search.html template. This template can be found in the template editor.

Once you are able to edit the search.html template, add the following code where you would like the extra fields to display:

<!-START: extra_field_x> <div class="extra_field"> <h4>[product_extrafieldx]</h4> <div class="info">[extra_field_x]</div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> <!-END: extra_field_x>

Be sure to change x in the above coding to reflect which field you would like to display on the page. For example, if you would like to display extra field 1 on the search results, the coding will need to look like this:

<!-START: extra_field_1> <div class="extra_field"> <h4>[product_extrafield1]</h4> <div class="info">[extra_field_1]</div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> <!-END: extra_field_1>

As mentioned, you may use the above to display your content from extra fields 1 through 13.