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Add a Manual Payment Method Just for Phone Orders


Some merchants may want to include a payment option that only applies to their phone orders. This payment method's function is not necessarily to collect payment, but rather to simply allow the phone order to be processed on the store while actual payment is collected by other means.

For example, you may use the Shift4Shop store's phone order system to create orders for walk-in business - where the shopper is paying in cash or perhaps it's an order where the true payment is collected by your brick-and-mortar store's card reader instead of the store's integrated payment options.

Either way, the phone order needs a payment method that will let the order go through to creation - even though the store itself isn't collecting the actual payment.

Fortunately, your Shift4Shop store can allow you to do this with ease! The following steps will show you how to add an offline payment method that will simply let the phone order go through to completion. Furthermore, the payment option will ONLY apply to orders started in the store's Phone Order function.

Add an Offline Payment Method:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment and click on the Select Payment button located in the "Payment Methods" section.

  2. Click Add New at the top right of the page and select one of the Offline Payment methods (located at the bottom of the Payment Method drop-down menu).

  3. Fill out the rest of the Payment method's information as needed.

Now for the most important step - making sure that this payment method only applies to phone orders.

4. Using the payment method's "Cust. Group" drop-down, select Phone Orders.

5. Click Save.

Once this is done, you will have a payment option that will only apply to phone orders and let the order go through in the Shift4Shop store. Meanwhile, the actual payment for the order will be collected by whatever alternate means you already have (Cash register, countertop card reader, invoice, barter ledger, etc.)