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Branding the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager/Admin


If you are a reseller of Shift4Shop services, you may want to remove the Shift4Shop branding from the Online Store manager. This way, your customers will not see any Shift4Shop-specific images when logging into their respective Online Store Manager accounts.

What you will need:

  • Basic Branding

    • A Shift4Shop-powered eCommerce Store

    • FTP Access to the store and basic FTP knowledge

    • A text file editor such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac)

  • Advanced Branding

    • Basic knowledge of CSS design

To begin:

  1. Open up your computer's text editor and create a blank file called "brand.txt."

  2. Next, connect to your store's FTP server and navigate to web/assets/brandv7.

  3. Upload the blank "brand.txt" file into this folder.

The presence of the brand.txt file in that specific folder will tell the Online Store Manager to use a specific set of design files with the OSM that do not contain any Shift4Shop information whatsoever.

To revert back to the regular Online Store Manager (without branding), remove the brand.txt and brand_email.txt (see below) files and clear the store's cache again.

Additional Information
Be aware that, by default, Shift4Shop accounts will generate certain automatic emails that are currently branded as coming from Shift4Shop services. For example, your branded client may try to have a “forgot password” email sent to them, or they may need to unlock their account. In other cases, the client may go over their allotted bandwidth or perhaps they request an upgrade of their account.

For situations like this, you will want to specify your own email address to be used for these notifications so that your site’s branding remains invisible to your customers.

To specify the email address, these notifications will go to:

  1. Write the email address you want to use into a simple text file.

  2. Name the file “brand_email.txt.”

  3. Place the file into the assets/brand folder along with the brand.txt file mentioned above.

This will cause the admin-generated messages like the forgot password, invoice, script emails, etc., to be delivered to the address specified inside the "brand_email.txt" file.

Advanced Branding

The branding steps mentioned above will merely remove Shift4Shop branded images from the Online Store Manager. However, the default color schemes and certain areas of the cart will still reflect the Shift4Shop look and feel. If you would like to control these aspects as well, you can apply advanced branding techniques to the store Admin. These involve using your own images and styles for the Admin to better reflect your reseller business's color schemes.

Within the brand folder, you will have two folders:

  • images
    This folder will contain the images used in the branding of the Admin. Replace the images (keep them the same size and with the same name) to reflect whatever color/branding you would like to use for your reseller accounts.

  • css
    This folder contains a blank CSS file called "brandstyle.css" that can be used to override styles used within the Online Store Manager.
    Any CSS styles added to the "brandstyle.css" and re-uploaded to the brand folder will effectively replace the default styles used on the regular admin CSS