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E-Products allow you to sell products such as MP3's, e-Books, PDF, and just about any type of digital file. Unlike conventional products, links to the e-products are generally emailed to the client upon purchase and can be downloaded by them. The Shift4Shop shopping cart system can automate the whole process for you and give access to the e-products purchased immediately after the client has paid for them. Additionally, Shift4Shop can accommodate sending serial numbers to your customers along with the eProduct file.

Turn On the eProduct Module

To begin using eProducts, you will need to enable the eProduct Module in your Shift4Shop store.  You may do this by taking the following steps.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and use the left navigation to go to Modules.

  2. Use the search bar at the top to search for and open the eProducts module.

  3. Place a mark in the Enable eProducts checkbox.

  4. Click Save at the top right to complete the process.

Upload your eProduct file

The File Manager (in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager interface) can only accept image files. If your eProduct is an image, then click on the File Manager button in the store manager and click the Upload Files link to choose your image file.

If your eProduct is anything other than an image or PDF file (such as .mp3, .doc, ppt, or E-book), you will need to move this file over via FTP.

Creating a Product

Now, let's create a product in the store using the Online Store Manager.

  1. Go to Products > Product List.

  2. Click on the +Add New button to add a new product.

  3. Enter the Product Name, Description, and Price, and save the page.

  4. Click on the eProducts tab.

Letting Shift4Shop know that this is an eProduct

Once you have clicked on the eProducts tab:

5. Click on the Browse button to search for the file you uploaded to the File Manager (either via FTP or through the Store Admin).
6. Click the Select button next to your eProduct file.
7. Click Save.

Serial Numbers

If this eProduct needs to issue serial numbers, please proceed with these instructions:

  1. Type any instructions you may have about the download file into the "Special Instructions" field. This will display on the web page the customer downloads their file from.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Click on the Manage Keys button.

  4. In the Serial Manger popup, click Add New.

  5. Type the serial numbers you would like to distribute. Add one serial number per line.

  6. Once you have added all of your serial numbers, click Add.

  7. Close out the Serial Manager Popup.

  8. Check the Assign Key checkbox.

  9. Check the Re-Use Keys checkbox if you would like to reuse the serial numbers after they have all been distributed. Leave it unchecked if you want each serial number to be issued only once.*

  10. Click Save.

Once an order is placed

After the purchase, the customer will receive a receipt with a link to download their file in the New Order Notification Email. The page contains the product name, a link to download it, and the expiration date. Additionally, the serial number will display on this page if one is issued.

Furthermore, while the eProduct download is still active and not expired, your shoppers will be able to access the download link at any time via their respective "My Account" pages.