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Site Design

How is the Store Status Feature Used?
How do I Use WYSIWYG?
How does the Theme's CSS File Work?
How do I Revert to an Original Template?
How do I Make a Backup of My Store?
How Can I Update My Store's Core Theme to its Latest/Default State?
How do I Add Banners to My Website?
How do I Use Unsplash For my Site Images?
How do I Use the Home Page Carousel Feature?
Why Is My Logo Distorted?
How Do I Use Different Listing Templates?
Where Can I Upload Additional Versions of My Frame?
What Can I Do in the Site Content Section?
How do I Use the Page Editor?
What Does the [page_url] Variable Do?
How do I Enable Image Lazy Loading?
Why am I Getting an Error That Says "page contains both secure and nonsecure items" On my Store?
Where can I Edit my Custom Reward Points Popup Modal?
How do I Disable Right-Click on my Site?
How do I Customize the Order's Emails?
How can I Customize the Various Emails That are Sent From my Store?
How Do I Add and Edit Extra Web Pages?
How can I Change the Colors/Styles of my Template?
How do I Change my Site's Theme?
Can I Transfer my Theme Via FTP?
How can I Add a Favicon to my Store?
How do I Change the Background on my Website?
How do I Edit the Latin Placeholder Text on my Home Page?
How do I Create a Custom Landing Page?
Why Am I Not Able to See my Quick Edit Tab?
How do I Use the Shift4Shop Quick Edit Tab?
How does Image Resizing Work for Products?
How do I Access my Site's CSS File?
How do I Add a Manufacturer Logo to the Product Listing Page?
How do I Make the "Buy" Link on Category Pages Direct Customers to the Product Page?
How do I Set Up a Custom 404 Page?
How do I Remove the "Powered by Shift4Shop" Notice on my Store's Footer?
How do I Disable the Quick Edit Tab?
How do I Make Modifications to my Site If I Don't Know HTML?
Can I Add an Age Verification Pop Up to my Store?
What "Order By" Options Can I Use?
How do I Modify the Homepage Add to Cart Button to Direct a Customer to the Product Page?
How do I Use the Shift4Shop Mega Menu Builder?
Why do my Images Change Color When Seen on the Store Front?
How do I Use the Home Page Featured Categories Add-On?
How do I Add Google Address Autofill to my Shift4Shop Store?
How can I Have Home Page Products Shown in Two Columns on Core Mobile?
How do I Use the Core Theme Editor?
Why can't Customers Leave a Product Review Using an iPhone?
Is Shift4Shop ADA Compliant?
Why do my Customers Get "Your checkout information has changed. Please review your shipping options and try again" at Checkout?
How do I Save Files to Common or Common-Html Folders in FTP?
What are the RMA Emails Template Variables?
Website Content Guide - Part 1
Website Content Guide - Part 2
What are the Email Template Variables for my Store's Products Emails
How do I Change Sample Store & Sample Slogan?
How do I Show my Products in the "Browse by Price" Section?
What are the Global Variables for the Email Templates?
How do I Add ALT tags to my Images?
How do I Specify Custom File Names?
What are the Orders Emails Template Variables?
What Email Template Variables are Available for the Affiliate Emails?
What Are the Email Template Variables for Customers Emails?
What Email Template Variables Are There For Gift Registry Emails?
What Are the Available Email Template Variables?
How Do I Use the Global WYSIWYG Toggle?
Can I Replace the Homepage Carousel with Videos Instead of Images?
Is it Possible to Add a Snippet of Code Within the Head Tag of My Pages?
Product Image Tips
How Do I Add Logos To My Store?
Why Does My Mailing List Subscription Button Generate a "403 - Forbidden" Error Message?
How Do I Create and Upload My Own Theme?
What Version of jQuery Should I Use?
How Do I Use the FRAME_CATEGORY_X Code Block?
Is There an EASY Way For Me to Create My Own Custom Form?
How Do I Use The "outofstock_block" Feature?
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