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How do I Use the Location Exclude Lists?
How do I Set my Store's Default Country?
FAQ: Removal of Paid Shift4Shop Plans
How do I Test my Store?
How can I Submit a Support Ticket From the Online Store Manager?
Are There Any Pre-Made Language Packs?
How Do I Import an IP Security List Via CSV?
How do I Use the File Manager?
How do I Use the Scheduled CSV Exports Function?
Can I Set My Store to a Different Language?
Can I Make my Entire Site HTTPS, and How Do I Do it Properly?
What Should I Expect When Ordering an SSL Certificate?
Why am I Being Told That I Am Not An "authorized user" By Shift4Shop Support?
What Can I Do in the Titles & Content Section?
How Do I Edit My Store's Terms and Conditions?
How Do I Use Database Feeds?
Why do I need to change my password so often?
What can I do if I Forget my Password or Locked my Account?
Can I Add Tracking and Conversion Scripts?
What Is SSL?
How do I Cancel my Shift4Shop Service?
How do I Make a Store Locator on Our Page?
Can I Offer Split Payments at Checkout?
Why am I Being Logged Out of the Admin Every Couple of Minutes?
How do I Change the Currency Used in my Store?
How can I Create an App for Shift4Shop?
Can my Site be Viewed by All Countries?
How does the Shift4Shop MyWebmaster Service Work?
How do I Get a "Screenshot?"
How do I Run a Traceroute?
How can I Tell Which Version of Shift4Shop I'm Using?
How do I Import Newsletter Emails Via CSV?
Why can't I Remove Categories After Using the "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" Pop Up?
Why Doesn't my Scheduled Export Via FTP Work?
How do I Import Reward Points Via CSV?
How do I Access my Shift4Shop Login Page?
How Do I Change My Invoice Logo?
How do I Link my WordPress Site to my Shift4Shop Store?
How do I View my Billing Information With Shift4Shop?
How do I Update the Credit Card That Shift4Shop Uses to Bill Me For Service?
Why Am I Getting a DMCA Notice About my Store?
3rd Party Support Policy
How do I Increase the Size of the Thumbnails on the Home Page?
What Kind of Files Am I Allowed to Upload?
Why Am I Getting So Many Header Response Requests From
Can I Change my User Name From 3dcartadmin/storeadmin?
What does the Online Store Manager Search Look For?
I Don't Want Desktop Notifications, Ever. Can These be Disabled?
How do I Use the Collapsible Menu Bar?
How can I Rename State and Zip Code for UK Addresses?
Why Am I Being Asked To Submit Tickets Via the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager?
Why do I Get a Browser Cookies Error When Adding Items to the Cart?
Why can't I Turn Off the Mailing List or Browse by Manufacturers Functions?
How are Site Visitors Tracked?
Why are my Links Returning a 403 Error?
Excel Character Limits Per Cell
Can I Make Feature Requests For Shift4Shop?
How do I Access the Account Settings Page?
How do I Set Up a 3rd Party SSL Certificate?
How can I Send Support a Screenshot?
Which Online Ordering and Reservation Services Can I Link to my Webstore?
Can I Display Referring Affiliates on my Store?
Why do I Get "This site can’t provide a secure connection" Message on my Domain?
How Do I Prevent Specific Countries From Using My Store?
Why is my PCI Scan Returning a "PHP-CGI Argument Injection " Error?
Are There Limits to the API Calls?
How do I Use the Store Language Section?
Does the Store Keep a Log of Recent Item Changes?
Beware of Phishing Scams
Why is Chrome Asking my User to Update Their Password?
Houzz Integration: What Does "Error Code: 25001 | Error Message: No Listing Found" Mean?
Why am I Getting a "Checking your browser before accessing" Message on my Store?
Does Shift4Shop Comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?
Why is My PCI Scan Returning a "Non-Secure Cookie" Error?
Why Does My PCI Scan Report a ROBOT Attack?
What Do I Do When My PCI Scan Fails?
Why Am I Getting a 403 Forbidden Error?
Is There a Way For Me to See Who Visits My Site?
Why is My Site Down/Running Slow?
Shift4Shop Support Policies
Can I Get a Sandbox Account to Test an App
How do I Remove CAPTCHA From the Registration Page?
How do I Change my Account's Billing Term?
I'm Expecting a Huge Spike in Traffic! What Should I do?
How can I Migrate my Cart From Another Provider?
Going Live Guide
Ending Support for Legacy Functions
What Payment Methods are Available on the End-to-End Plan?
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